Paris, France - February 13, 2020 - Adding their range of medical air transport solutions to our alliance, the International Assistance Group is pleased to announce that US-based Air Ambulance Worldwide (AAW) has joined.

Endorsing Air Ambulance Worldwide’s focus on quality and safety, credentials include the industry-respected EURAMI for its aeromedical work plus Argus Gold for aircraft operational safety. Skilfully overseeing the work of the medical team is full-time Medical Director Dr Richard Maenza, a Fellow of the American College of Emergency Physicians and author of numerous publications in the field of emergency medicine.

Air Ambulance Worldwide’s large medical team and varied fleet of pre-figured air ambulances ensure that help extends beyond the non-stop reach of North America, the Caribbean and northern parts of South America. Recent assignments have included Italy, Spain, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Jordan and Lebanon, firmly proving their reach across the Western Hemisphere.

Air Ambulance Worldwide’s Chief Operating Officer, Lauren Dulin, explained the significance of attaining Accredited Service Provider status: “The International Assistance Group and its partners is a very prestigious global alliance serving the exacting needs of insurers and corporates, and their customers and employees. So, we are thrilled to have successfully gained such an important mark of recognition.”

Established 16 years ago, Air Ambulance Worldwide has grown to be more than an air ambulance company. Medical and operational teams are well-versed on the options available on commercial airlines for both seated and stretcher patients, and all the elements for a full bed-to-bed plan. For those reasons, Air Ambulance Worldwide is counted upon by experienced international medical assistance organisations. Additionally, to work with direct family requests who struggle with the complexity of returning a loved one home.

“We are delighted to have Air Ambulance Worldwide join our organisation as an Accredited Service Provider as this is the type of quality operation that adds breadth and depth to our worldwide network providing a range of options for our assistance partners to bring their customers home as quickly and safely as possible,”  said Louise Heywood, General Manager.