Paris, France, 22nd February, 2023 – Following our quality-assured vetting process, we are pleased to welcome Peak Medevac International as an Accredited Service Provider to cover the Americas with intercontinental reach.

Peak Medevac owns their fleet of medically configured air ambulance Lear jets (31, 35, 55, 60).  Each mission has a dedicated team of pilots and medical crew onboard ensuring a safe bedside-to-beside approach with every flight.  In addition to patient transports, Peak Medevac also provides life-saving organ and transplant surgical team air transportation services.

With their headquarters centrally located in Denver, Colorado, Peak Medevac International also has bases strategically positioned coast-to-coast allowing cost-effective flight options and timely wheels-up capability.  Currently Specializing in medical transports throughout the US, Canada, Caribbean and Central and South America, they are expanding their global reach to include Europe and Asia. Downtime is reduced by on-site maintenance personnel able to conduct complex repairs under the US’s Federal Aviation Authorities Part 145 certification.

Staying on top of best practices in aviation medicine is vital to Peak Medevac’s patient safety management. In addition to being a EURAMI Accredited Provider, Peak Medevac accreditations are held with the Air Medical Physicians Association, the American Association of Critical Care Nurses and the Association of Air Medical Services, amongst other respected organisations.

“Joining the International Assistance Group is a wonderful step for us, and one where we can bring both quality and capability to the demands of international assistance partners,” commented Geno Haggan, who founded the company in 1996.

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