Founded in 1992, International Assistance Group (IAG) was originally created by five European companies seeking to help one another provide high-quality services. Considerable growth over the past 25 years means that we are now the world’s largest alliance of independent assistance companies and accredited providers.

Our philosophy is reflected in everything we do, and is summarised by our motto:

"Local partners.

Global solutions."

Our network specialises in worldwide roadside, medical, travel, corporate and home assistance for business and leisure travellers, expatriate workers and corporate clients.

Our Partners & Accredited Service Providers currently support over 118 million end users worldwide. The key strength of our operational network lies in the fact that we partner with established local companies, hand-picked in line with our stringent quality criteria, including an average of 15 years’ experience in their respective markets. This philosophy is reflected in everything we do, and is summarised by our motto: “Local partners. Global solutions.”

Whether the end user requires roadside assistance in Norway or mountain rescue in Nepal, the IAG network includes companies with both local knowledge and global reach to ensure the best possible outcome. This is particularly true of our roadside services, as IAG is proud to now partner with some of Europe’s most trusted and experienced industry players.

The IAG alliance offers affiliates the opportunity to cover more of the assistance market through close collaboration with other partners and providers in the network. At IAG, all partners play the role of correspondents, exchanging assistance cases between them. As a result, a reliable, international network has been established in which each company can enhance its competitiveness without sacrificing independence.

  • 2019
    • 20th IAG Academy, Cairo, Egypt

    • 2nd IAG Roadside Academy, Maribor, Slovenia

    • New Globus Database, launched with more features & connectivity

  • 2018

    82 Accredited Partners & Providers

    Continued steady growth

    • 1st IAG Roadside Academy, Vienna, Austria

    • Obtained ISO 9001: 2015, a quality management certification for the vetting, accreditation and reaccreditation of its Core Partners, Assistance Partners and Accredited Service Providers

  • 2017

    66 Accredited Partners & Providers

    Celebrated 25 Years of Partnership

    • 21st IAG Forum

    • 18th IAG Academy

  • 2016
    •  Long-term vision based on NICQ (Network, Innovation, Cost Efficacy, Quality)

    •  Renovation of the Globus database with 3,400 registered global providers

  • 2012

    52 Partners

    • New strategy: launch of our Partnership Programme (Core Partner, Assistance Partner & Preferred Provider)


  • 2011
    • Creation of the IAG Working Groups

  • 2006

    25 Partners

    • Creation of Globus Database with 652 registered hospitals

  • 2002
    • Incorporation as a limited company

    • Formation of IAG SAS Ltd company with share capital of €118K

  • 1999
    • Launch of the 1st IAG Academy (IAG training school)

  • 1996
    • First IAG Forum