As the world’s leading alliance of assistance companies, IAG has put the necessary infrastructure in place to enrich the network with innovative products, services and technology.

A readily available international network of 140, roadside and medical partners and correspondents

A worldwide and unique network of assistance companies and services

IAG is therefore able to continually improve the service offered to end users, whilst ensuring that the alliance and its network are in an ever-more attractive position in the event of calls for tender. To achieve this, we pool our knowledge with industry peers at IAG Meetings and Forums, and promote the training of our international counterparts at the IAG Academy.

We have also devised a database, which is exclusively available to Partners. The IAG Globus Database provides them with a readily available international network of over 3,400 roadside and medical partners and correspondentsair ambulances, hospitals, out-patients centres, and doctors worldwide answering to our quality selection criteria.

The IAG network is also invaluable in terms of procurement and cost efficiency. IAG pools its network’s volumes with medical facilities in tourism hotspots; not only for the benefit of all Partners, but also for the benefit of the clients they serve. Containing our costs by pooled purchasing is not restricted to medical expenses; this also includes incentives for providers, volume discounts and increased efficiencies in the field of insurance and international payments.