The IAG’s Supervisory Board is composed of executive managers from IAG partner companies around the world. They have established a four-pillar approach to reach our long-term objective of meeting changing market conditions and increasing value.

The Supervisory Board is made up of executive managers from IAG’s partner companies across five continents

An International Supervisory Board

Members of the Board are elected by IAG shareholders for a two-year period, during which all members meet six times a year. The main objective of the Board is to determine and oversee the strategic orientation of IAG. We have recently re-defined our strategy to better respond to the fast-evolving market, creating and maximizing value for all our stakeholders. At IAG, our long-term strategy is shaped by these four key pillars: A vetted Global Network, Innovation, Cost efficacy, and Quality.

Thomas Davidson

Chairman of the IAG Supervisory Board &
President, On Call International, USA

Markus Detel

Vice Chairman of the IAG Supervisory Board & Deputy CEO & CFO, Medicall AG, Switzerland

Daniel Cornudella

Director Of International Relations at RACC, Spain

Pascal de Medeiros

Deputy CEO, Filassistance International, France

Will McAleer

President, World Travel Protection, Canada

Gualtiero Ventura

President & CEO of International Care Company, Italy

Robert Kulesa

Head of Business Development and International Cooperation, MD Medicus, Germany

Faruk Ertug

General Manager, Remed Assistance, Turkey

Violette Hasselmeijer

Support Directeur, SOS International, the Netherlands