Centralised projects help Partners deliver the best services in priority areas and operate locally and regionally to deliver high-quality results worldwide.

Our cross-functional teams work together on projects from operational procedures, medical standards and an enhanced roadside network to cost efficacy, amongst others. These taskforces aim to focus resources on priority areas, with the objective of delivering tangible benefits and value to all Partners.

The Medical Standing Committee advises IAG’s management and Partners

Medical Standing Committee

The Medical Standing Committee, made up of physicians from IAG Core Partners and supported by task groups drawn from other companies at IAG, unites and supports IAG’s diverse medical community. By guiding and improving the Group’s medical standards, the Committee advises IAG’s management and Partners during regional and worldwide crises.

Delivering the highest standard of assistance at the most cost-effective price

Cost Efficacy Panel

The Cost Efficacy Panel focuses on delivering the highest standard of assistance at the most cost-effective price through the pooling of our resources. At IAG we have negotiated agreements with private hospitals, clinics and cost containment providers for the benefit of our Partners and their end-users. These agreements range from direct billing capabilities to negotiated prices, resulting in significant discounts.

In countries where IAG has not signed direct agreements with providers, we operate via our local Partners and Correspondents. It is their knowledge of local standards, which leads to high quality and optimal prices of providers.

A full European Roadside Network counting 26 contracted Partners and roadside correspondents

Roadside Panel

In order to answer the needs of automotive industry players like car manufacturers, rent-a-car companies and large lease fleets, IAG has built up a full European Roadside Network counting 26 contracted Partners and roadside correspondents. All were selected as per stringent criteria and comply with the IAG service level agreements. Most IAG European Roadside Assistance Partners are in the first tier in their local markets.

The IAG Head Office serves as a single point of contact for the tendering and contracting process. Once a contract is in place, IAG provides all the necessary reporting thanks to its web reporting system, which is customized as per the client’s needs. Out of Europe, IAG counts Iké Asistencia, one of the leading automotive companies in Colombia, Brazil and Mexico, as a Partner. In Asia, IAG is also present on the roadside assistance market in Indonesia and Japan. Additional markets covered are Chile and Morocco.

Offering the best-in-class local assistance solutions in every country worldwide

Network Panel

The key objective of the Network Panel is the development of a quality network of Correspondents and providers that offer the best-in-class local assistance solutions in every country worldwide. It seeks to evaluate and select Correspondents with a preference towards those based in-country over those that operate regionally without local presence.

The Panel is made up of representatives from IAG Core Partners who have the highest volumes of outbound activity, and therefore collaborate most with IAG correspondents worldwide. This growing network is regularly updated and maintained to support and enhance the IAG Globus database.