Paris, France, April 8, 2020 - Our Indonesian Core Partner PT AA International Indonesia (AAI) has formally opened its Malaysian office with its dedicated accreditation as a Core Partner branch in our global alliance.

With this comes the announcement that a new group assistance brand is launched to project their regional presence through Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan. The group will be known as Across Asia Assist.

The Malaysian operation will provide assistance services to inbound and outbound travel markets plus internal private medical providers. Its fleet of 5 critical care ground ambulances connects remoter parts of the country to class-leading facilities, helping the growing number of more adventurous travellers and the national community.

This exciting strategic initiative is the outcome of a team of highly experienced regional assistance leaders joining forces with AAI to form a group delivering high-quality, broad-ranging medical assistance in a very dynamic and diverse region. Their 24/7 operation centres provide the vital link to the expertise, resources and network to deliver solutions in all situations, supported by their medical team.


Chief Network Officer for the Malaysian office, Lorraine Paul, stated: “I am thrilled that our global network is now stronger with the International Assistance Group.” She added: Having worked with the alliance in previous roles, I know the extensive capabilities delivered through the Globus knowledge platform and the expert interaction gained through many communication channels.”


Welcoming the group’s growth, International Assistance Group’s General Manager Louise Heywood said: “ I am truly pleased that an established and respected Core Partner is enhancing its position within our alliance, providing additional regional capability and contributing to global growth.”