CareFlight to join the International Assistance Group

Paris, France, 17th March – We are delighted to be welcoming CareFlight as an Accredited Service Provider in the Asia Pacific Region.

Since 1990, CareFlight has provided specialist medical teams and aircraft to transfer critically ill and injured patients throughout Australia, Asia and the Pacific. We can also be activated as the second leg of a mission for patients initially retrieved by one of our rescue helicopters or retrieval planes, or in partnership with other jet suppliers that we work closely with for longer range retrieval missions from Europe, Asia and the Americas

CareFlight is the only medical retrieval organisation in Australasia that owns and operates its own fleet of dedicated jets, turbo prop aircraft and helicopters, providing a national and international integrated air ambulance service. Our specialist clinical teams are all highly skilled and are trained to work together to provide the best clinical care for patients. Our doctors work at leading teaching hospitals and are specialists in critical care, namely emergency medicine, intensive care or anaesthetics. Our nurses are from intensive care and emergency departments and are aviation nursing trained.

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Iris Global focuses on the International Assistance Group to assist outbound Spanish travellers and expatriates

Paris, France, 2nd March, 2023 – Joining the International Assistance Group (IAG) as a Core Partner Outbound, we are pleased to welcome Madrid-based Iris Global.



Iris Global owned by SANTALUCÍA GROUP, Spain’s eighth-largest insurer, will now have access to the IAG medical network worldwide for Spanish travellers and expatriates abroad.



Iris Global is an insurance and assistance provider that specializes in comprehensive solutions for companies, brokers and end users, through a portfolio of products and services, as one of the main travel assistance insurance companies in the Spanish market.



In the general field of international travel assistance, Iris Global’s 24/7 alarm centre handles over 38,000 medical cases, including over  2,100 medical repatriations. Supporting this is a team of 12 doctors and nurses, and a telemedicine centre.


“Becoming part of IAG comes as a confirmation that Iris Global is one of  the best travel insurance and assistance companies worldwide and joining this alliance implies a high standard of quality,” declared Carla Stern, Iris Global Director of Provider Network.



“We are delighted to join the IAG, strengthening our global presence and giving rise to new and exciting opportunities,” said Maite Maroto, General Manager of Iris Global. “Our alliance with IAG confirms our commitment to providing the highest quality standards with a keen focus on customer satisfaction.”



“With an established position in Spain’s outbound travel market, we are delighted that Iris Global will bring
additional cases to our global network,” commented Louise Heywood, the IAG’s General Manager.