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ihi Bupa is housing the medical assistance unit within Bupa International WMA - Worldwide Medical Assistance.
WMA is delivering medical assistance to ihi Bupa and Bupa International members worldwide.

ihi Bupa is a world leader in the field of international health and travel insurance. We offer individual and corporate customers a variety of health and travel insurance plans.
Over the last 30 years ihi Bupa has introduced more new products than any of the competitors including preventative services, health consulting services, travel and online solutions for the convenience of our customers. We have made it our mission to help our customers protect their health by giving personal advice on health matters and professional assistance in the event of illness or accidents.

Worldwide Medical Assistance (WMA) is Bupa International’s in-house assistance unit, delivering medical assistance services to ihi Bupa customers on a global scale. Based in Copenhagen, WMA reaches out to approximately 500,000 customers worldwide. WMA’s highly trained team of staff, nurses and doctors is on call 24/7, 365 days a year to provide emergency services to seriously ill or injured customers. WMA embraces a 24/7 Healthline service and evacuation/repatriation services when required. Since 2007 WMA has helped thousands of customers to live longer, healthier and happier lives: we are there when our customers need us most. Overseen by our own panel of in-house medical specialists, WMA provides professional medical advice, ensures access to state-of-the-art medical facilities and arranges transportation to where required treatment is available. It is in WMA, where ihi Bupa showcases its aspiration of being a true healthcare partner to our customers.

What ever the members need, we are in a position to help from the routine to the more complex cases - we have the people and a wealth of knowledge, capabilities and expertise to help our members.
Last year WMA organised and administrated not less than 80% of all evacuations out of Africa and the Asia/ Pacific region. Further evacuations were performed out of other remote areas with no or almost no existing infrastructure, such as the Arctic Circles – Northern Canada, Greenland & Antarctica – or from mountaintops in the Himalayan Massif.

Our Clinical Team – 14 specialist in-house doctors and access to external specialists:
The in-house team of medical consultants is at disposal 24/7. Their chief medical consultant Steffen Lyduch, MD, MSR, Group Captain, as well as Torben Staehr Johansen, M.D. have been graduated from the U.S. Air Force School of Aerospace Medicine, San Antonio, Texas. Together with Poul Erik Hansen, M.D. Surgeon Commander, Head of Department, Aerospace- and Naval Medicine, Clinical Section, Danish Armed Forces Medical Corps they ascertain our medical standards for aero medical decisions made.

All our operating personnel have been through our internal learning program. Beside a number of courses, they need to pass a basic course in crisis psychology and a comprehensive Medical Awareness course developed by our own Clinical Team.
Our 24/7 personnel speak a total of 20 different languages – however, should we experience a situation with unexpected translation issues, WMA personnel has access to one of the biggest interpreter phone services worldwide. This service assures that WMA will be able to answer any request in any language within 60 seconds.







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