International Assistance Group appoints Michael Marquardt as Chairman of its Supervisory Board

PARIS, November 10, 2016International Assistance Group (IAG), the world’s largest alliance of independent assistance companies and providers is pleased to announce the appointment of Michael Marquardt as new Charmain of its Supervisory Board.   

Michael Marquardt has been active in Europe, Asia and America for almost his entire working life. From late 2007 to early 2016, he served as Chairman of the Board of Directors of AA International, the international parent of Asia Assistance Network (M) Sdn Bhd, based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Since the sale of five of the operating entities in April of 2016, Marquardt has served as Chairman of AAI Indonesia, a medical assistance solutions provider based in Jakarta, and a new Core Partner of International Assistance Group. He also oversees the group’s operations in Taiwan and South Korea. Marquardt has served on the Supervisory Board of IAG since 2009.

In addition to his responsibilities in Asia, Marquardt serves as a global business advisor to corporations in the United States and Europe. He works closely with chief executives and senior leadership teams on strategic issues and advises Boards of Directors on effective risk management measures, corporate governance, geographic expansion, and emerging digital technology issues. 

“I am truly honored to serve as Chairman of IAG’s Supervisory Board, a Board that for the first time in the organization’s 24-year history has members from five continents.  I believe I speak for everyone on the Board when I say that IAG has a bright future ahead of it.  Our industry, like many others, is facing technological and geopolitical disruptions.  To enable our Core Partners, Assistance Partners, and Accredited Service Providers to be successful, we must stay focused on our mission, demonstrate leadership, and be responsive to industry trends.  We are fortunate to have such a dedicated and professional team in Paris, led by our long-time General Manager Cécile Hermetz,” said Michael Marquardt.

Marquardt gained deep expertise in the areas of risk management, corporate governance, and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act when former FBI Director Louis J. Freeh asked him to serve as President of his new global risk management firm in early 2008.  Applying his entrepreneurial and international business experience, Marquardt was integral in developing the firm’s early business relationships and engagements with several Fortune 500© and Global 500© corporations.

Michael grew up in Berlin and emigrated to the United States soon after witnessing the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989.  He had the opportunity to lead a fast-growing technology company in the United States before being recruited to lead a new start-up venture in late 1999.  Michael served for seven years as co-founder and chief executive of second opinion provider MediGuide and led its business development initiatives in the United States, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.   

About International Assistance Group

International Assistance Group (IAG) is a limited incorporated company in Paris (France) regulated under the French law and owned by its Partners. The worldwide alliance of independent companies spanning all the links in the assistance value chain was formed in 1992 by five European companies with the aim of helping each other offer quality assistance. The group’s success has attracted accredited companies around the world and it now boasts 60 Partners and Providers and a turnover of over €1.5 billion. 

In 2015, International Assistance Group handled over 5.2 million cases, 32,450 medical repatriations and 1.6 million roadside cases. IAG’s international presence and range of services enables it to meet the needs of more than 154 million end users worldwide.

With over 23 years of experience in the industry, the alliance now enables all of the partnered organizations to reach more of the assistance market through the close co-operation with other organizations in the network, thus increasing their competitiveness; all of this while retaining their independence. 

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